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Virus Stuff

Although not a fan of most "personal" web sites as I don't really want to know how much better or worse off someone is than I am. But as I have started this from the 9-11 tragedies, I thought I would expand it to give a glimpse of my life beyond the scope of that time.

I am not going to bore you with a lot of details about me, as I do believe that all in all I have a pretty standard life. However the activities I am involved in are far from boring, and so I will showcase those.

Virus Stuff is a little section with information on the latest computer virus threats and some other useful virus info. This is the "work" related section of the site.

RGS is an Improvisation workshop and occasional performing troupe here in NYC.  I am a founding member and we meet weekly to practice, play and learn the art of Improv and acting. See what it's all about.

Motorcycles! My family thinks I am nuts, but I am passionate about my hobby. I have motorcycled here and in Europe.

Travel. One of my few vices. I love to wonder around the hills and towns of Italy. I've been in a fair number of places in Europe, and have yet to scratch the surface. Fortunately, motorcycling and traveling are mutually inclusive.

Photos. I enjoy the art of photography but I am pretty much of a hack at it. I enjoy photographing inanimate things, I find their shapes and shadows more interesting than live subject. I just do.

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