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Last Updated: March 03, 2002

September 13, 2001:

All photos by Alex Marx
All are Copyright 2001 by Alex Marx

These are the photographs from 9.13.01.

9:41 PM

We added the flags for this trip, not as camouflage, but because we really cared.


10:21 PM Greenwich Street

These two were local residents. We met them at one of the food and drink stations.


10:31 PM The North Bridge Over West St,

This bridge ran over West Street from the North Tower to the World Financial Center. This was shown a lot on television. If you look closely at the background you can see the ghosts of the towers.


10:31 PM From West Street near Vesey St.

These are the remains of 6 World Trade Center. This was our first real close up of the devastation. It speaks for itself.


10:33 6 WTC. West Street and Vesey Street.

On the left you can see the remains of 7 WTC which collapsed late in the afternoon of 9.11. Notice how there are still Venitian Blinds in some of the windows of 6 WTC.  This building was struck by both the collapse of tower 1 and 7 WTC.


10:33 PM 6 WTC from Vesey and West Streets

Another shot of the damage. Notice how much equipment and personnel are already on the job.


10:45 PM Ground Zero. West and Liberty Streets

The only solid remains of the Marriott (formerly Vista) Hotel is in the foreground. The skeletal remains of the south tower, #2 WTC, is in the back. Right after I took this picture a policeman warned me that he would confiscate the camera if I took another picture. The night before, everyone, including the police were taking pictures. If only I had a camera then.

I cannot ever find the words to describe this scene.


10:57 PM West and Liberty Streets
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These are the "spears" that fell from the towers embedded into the ground. The remains of Tower 1 are in the background. The "pile" smolders in the near-ground. Also in the far background you can see the hulk of 6 WTC and the taller Verizon building which has major damage on it's hidden eastern facade.

The day before on 9.12 there was only space for one flatbed truck. 24 hours later they were able to get 3 trucks in. I asked another policeman if I could take a photograph. He said he didn't see a problem. No sooner then I had snapped it then another policeman came running over to find out what I was doing. The first officer defended me, but we all agreed to no other photographs at Ground Zero.


11:18 PM Washington Street

Me. Not very flattering. But I think the expression on my face reflects what we've seen.


11:20 PM. Warren and Washington Streets

This car had been lightly dusted during the collapse. We had seen much, much worse. A local bar/restaurant was on this corner and open. The locals had prepared a "pot-luck" dinner for the taking.

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