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Last Updated: March 03, 2002

November 20, 2001:

All photos by Alex Marx
All are copyright 2001 by Alex Marx

Here is a group of photos I made during my service with the American Red Cross (ARC) from October 16, 2001 until December 1, 2001. This group was taken at night while being escorted by a group of Army Reserve Officers. Since I was using a digital camera without flash, many of the photographs came out blurred. I have tried to pick out the photos that had significant impact on me. There are many many web sites with significant and important photographs, most of which are far clearer and much more interesting and dramatic. Check the Links page.




This is partial damage from the clean-up effort and the damage from the attacks. Two things were significant to me in this photo. The first is the spray painted words "Aircraft Parts" (this is the orange blur near the top center) on a piece of the roof machinery. This was from the initial rescue and recovery effort. The other is not visible here, but from the south (left in the photo) corner was still visible a portion of an office with a picture still hanging straight on the wall. The exterior walls had been sheared away but several of the internal walls were intact. The contrast between the destruction and the undisturbed was often had far more impact. I saw a lot of this in my various wanderings around Ground Zero.


Close up of the photograph above. Notice the drapes still hanging..

4 WTC Wide View

Much of this damage is from the clean-up, but it is still so very telling.



Small pieces of the North Tower can be seen behind the gate. Behind that was the last standing piece of both towers. It was taken down late in December.



This is the remaining standing piece of  the both towers. It is from the North Tower, the first one hit. Behind it are the ruins of 4, 5 and 6 WTC. The stepped building in the background with the lights in is Respite 1 where I did my volunteer work with the ARC.




Grim Reaper  - Victim Recovery

On our rounds, my host suddenly pulled the vehicle over to the fence at the eastern periphery. There the digging had just stopped to allow the fireman to recover remains. They were placed in red bags. No job could be so gruesome but so important. Almost 15% of the casualties were firemen. Their brothers fought (literally) for the right to dignify the fallen by collecting their remains on site.

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