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Last Updated: April 16, 2002

September 11, 2001:

All photos by Alex Marx
All are copyright 2001 by Alex Marx




This was taken as we sat at an outdoor table and was shot straight up.

Night Fall

As it got darker it was harder to take clear pictures, especially with the Flash turned off






The Source


The Sphere

This sculpture by artist Fritz Koenig stood in the plaza between the towers for 30 years. It was crushed and torn apart on 9/11.

It was badly damaged but managed to stay standing. It was almost cut up during the first few days of the frantic cleanup and recovery efforts. It was reassembled and a new support and base were constructed. It was reinstalled at Battery Park, a few blocks south of the Trade Center site and rededicated on March 11th, six months after it's near destruction.  In a recent local newspaper article Fritz Koenig was asked what the meaning of the original sculpture was. "Koenig spoke only in aesthetic terms, saying its spherical shape was meant to create a "dialogue" with the tall vertical towers. But it was said to symbolize world peace, he was reminded. Koenig shook his head and smiled. "It was never meant to symbolize world peace," he said...."it was too small for that.""

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